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NOW LEASING FOR FALL 2019! CALL US TODAY! (540) 433-1744 | Happy Move-In Month!

The time has finally come for you to move-in! We look forward to seeing you on move-in day and below are some tips and tricks to ensure your move-in experience is as smooth as possible!

  1. Confirm all of your lease documents have been signed. You can verify if you have outstanding paperwork by logging on to your resident portal. You should also confirm with your guarantor that they have completed all portions of their paperwork through your resident portal.
  2. Pay your first rental installment. Skip the payment line on move-in day by paying your first rental installment early. You can pay through your online resident porta, or you can mail a check or money order to: 37 South Ave, Harrisonburg, VA 22801
  3. Unsure what to bring to your new apartment? Below is a quick tip list for what you should pack: 
    1. Kitchen Items: Pots, pans, silverware, utensil, groceries, small appliances (such as a toaster or personal fridge for your room) and decorative items.
    2. Bedroom and bathroom Items: Bedding, towels, bathroom mats, shower curtain, curtains for your bedroom window, and a floor lamp.
    3. Living room items: All of your basic furniture is provided, but you should bring decorative items, a floor lamp, and some pillows and blankets to make it homey!
  4. Follow us on social media @Granddukehousing to stay up to date on all of our resident events and important reminders!
  5. Don’t mail packages to your new address until after your official move-in date. We have very limited space for mail and packages and we will not be able to accommodate your mail until you are an official resident. 

We are so excited to have you living with us this year! Have friends who are looking for a last minute place to live? Let them know we have very LIMITED spaces remaining here at Copper Beech Grand Duke!